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Diagnostics Plastics Assembly

Maine Manufacturing has proven itself to be a key manufacturer of plastic components for the life science, medical and diagnostic industries.


With a full competency in precision injection molding, Maine Manufacturing has a broad range of new electric molding machines. Our injection molding machines operate in a class 100,000 ISO 9001:2008 certified clean room environment and allowing us to internally source plastic components for finished devices.

Injection molding capabilities at Maine Manufacturing are growing and we are one of the first companies in the Northeast to use 25th hour production technologies.  By using internally produced plastic components to assemble finished devices, we provide our customers unparalleled time to market, cost effectiveness and improved overall quality.


Maine Manufacturing also has a full competency in blow molding. In some cases blow molding technology allows for a part to be created that cannot be achieved using injection molding. In other cases our customers may find that this is a more cost effective solution to their component needs.

We are fully equipped to work with customers in the design, development and high volume manufacturing of blow molded component parts or devices in a range of polymers suiting the needs of our customer.


Maine Manufacturing currently assembles hundreds of thousands of plastic components per month.  These processes produce either sub-assembly units specified by the customer or finished devices ready to use by the end-customer.

We have a number of welding methodologies to assist in product assembly and can use ultrasonic, heat sealing, spin welding, solvent and adhesive bonding techniques. Maine Manufacturing will perform testing and evaluation of the base polymers, plastic components, or the finished product to make sure it fits  the customer’s specifications.


Additionally, Maine Manufacturing has multiple state of the art pad printing systems.  This provides us the ability to print a wide range of information such as lot, part,and sequential numbering or even complex customer logo and identification on our plastic parts or finished devices.

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